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Who we are

We are a church in fellowship with the Assemblies of God GB family of churches, Pentecostal in nature, with a family-friendly congregation, passionate about sharing the love and truth of Jesus with anyone unconditionally!

We believe in uplifting and encouraging each other with:

  • The Eternal Truth and life-changing Power of the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ

  • Healthy Relationships

  • Friendly Fellowship

  • And of course, a cup of good Yorkshire tea!

We have a 'come as you are culture' and are committed to caring for and uplifting our local community, and living life with the church family in Pocklington and the East Riding of Yorkshire.

PCF Leadership

The Senior Leader is John Baptiste, who joined the church early 2022, after a career as a Chaplain (amongst other professions) in the Royal Air Force and previously pastoring 2 churches in NW Kent. He, along with his 3 fellow leaders form the Senior Leadership Team, who are responsible for the day-to-day running of our church, as trustees of PCF, within the legal framework by which we are governed through the Charity Commission.